It’s almost time to go back to school! How do we kick start an awesome year? By going back in magical style with DIY Unicorn school supplies!

Sculpey released a super limited edition Unicorn clay set that looks AMAZING! It’s pearly, glittery, and looks so magical! I’ll be using the Unicorn Sculpey set to make two super cute unicorn pens and a yummy mini unicorn cake pencil sharpener!

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You will need:

Step 1:
First, pick the colors you’d like for your pen and knead a piece until it’s nice and soft. Then roll the clay out until it’s about 1/8th of an inch thin. Now cut each side of the flattened clay so that it has a nice clean edge.

Step 2:
Lay each piece side by side so that the cut edges are touching each other. Now use your rolling pin to blend the clay together. Choose the side that you like the best and place that side facing down.

Step 3:
Then cut the top edge of the clay. Place your pen near the edge and roll it until it meets the other side. Cut off any excess clay. Now roll your pen against the mat to blend the cut edge together. Round out the top of the pen so that it’s nice and neat. Then cut the tip end of the pen and smooth it out.

Step 4:
To make the magical horn, use a piece of gold clay and a piece of white clay. Roll each piece into a snake with one end pointy. Put the two pointy ends together and twist it until the horn forms.

Step 5:
Now cut the big end of the horn off so it’s nice and neat. Attach the horn to the top of your pen. Smooth out the clay.

Step 6:
To make the mini roses, roll the clay into a snake. Press the snake to flatten out the clay. Take your Sculpey tool and lift up one end of the flattened clay. Start rolling your clay and it will form a rose! Use your fingers to pull the petals outwards so that the rose looks more realistic. Cut the bottom of the rose off to make it flat and easier to decorate with.

Step 7:
To make the leaves, make a tear drop shape with the gold clay. Then flatten it out with your fingers. Use the Sculpey knife to draw details onto the leaf.

Step 8:
Now attach the roses and the leaves to the pen where the horn and the top of the pen meet. Be sure to smooth and blend them in carefully so it doesn’t fall off after you bake it.

Step 9:
Making the marbled unicorn clay pen is super easy. Just take the scraps from the last pen and knead them together until it’s swirly. Don’t knead it too much or else the color would totally blend. Follow the same steps for the Unicorn Horn clay pen to put this pen together.

Step 10:
Now for the yummiest pencil sharpener ever! Take your pencil sharpener and cover it with the white clay until it is a nice round cake shape. Don’t forget to leave the hole for the pencil to go in and the bottom side so that the shavings can come out.

Step 11:
Grab some gold clay and make two snakes with pointy ends like you did for the pen. Twist them together to make the horn. Cut off the big end to make it nice and neat, then attach the gold unicorn horn to the middle of your cake.

Step 12:
For the ears, make a small triangle with the white clay and flatten it a bit. Take an even smaller piece of gold clay and make a triangle too. Press the triangle into the white triangle to make the ear. Repeat to make the next ear. Attach each ear to your “cake” on each side of the magical horn!

Step 13:
Make the roses like how you made them for the Unicorn Horn clay pen. Then attach them to the cake however you’d like! Bake the pens at 275 for 15 minutes and the cake at 275 degrees for 20 minutes.

That’s it! You can draw eyes or eyelashes like I did on the cake when it’s done. Doesn’t it look so much like a real cake? Don’t eat it though! Now you’re super read for a magical year at school with these awesome Unicorn School Supplies made out of Sculpey Clay!

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