This DIY Fabric-Covered Cork Board/Bulletin Board is a super easy craft! These make great gifts for Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day, to give to teachers, or pretty much anyone who loves to display things! You can use this Fabric-Covered Cork Board to put your pictures on, pin notes to, or hang up cards. The bulletin board is so customizable! You can use any fabric, ribbon, and thumbtack combination that you like.  I made one for my Mommy!

KKITM with the DIY Fabric Covered Cork Boards!

I also got to visit and sit down with the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew this week, so I made Kellie, Big-Al, Jenna, and J-Si one! I also made chocolate chip cookies for everyone else.  I’ll try to get that recipe on here soon! Let’s get started!


DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

You will need:

  • cork boards
    • I bought these hexagon shaped ones from Target (I love Target so much, my mom spends a lot of time there and I like it just like she does, haha.)
  • pretty fabric
    • I used home decor fabrics because they felt much sturdier than the other fabrics. It’s a little bit more expensive, but I think it will last longer.
  • iron on letters
    • This is optional, but you can personalize it by adding a name, or anything you’d like to say!
  • iron (if using letters)
  • pretty ribbons
  • glue gun
    • I use a ultra low-temp glue gun to keep my fingers safe. I did use a higher temp one on these since I wanted them super strong.  Be very careful!
  • pretty thumbtacks/pushpins
  • anything else you’d like to decorate with
    • If you check out the picture above from my KKITM interview.  I decorated them with flowers, crystals, butterflies, etc.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

Step 1:
Cut your fabric a little bit bigger than your cork board. Flip the fabric over and place your cork board (cork side down) onto the fabric. Add some glue to one edge of the cork board and fold the fabric up neatly.  Repeat for the rest of the sides.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

Step 2:
Take your ribbon and string it across the board and glue the ends onto the back side. You can do any design you’d like, this is what I ended up doing. Take another ribbon and glue both ends to the top, this forms a loop that you can use to hang up your board.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

Step 3:
Cut your piece of felt a little bit smaller than your board and glue it to the back of the board.  This covers up all the back and makes it neat!

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

Step 4:
If you’re using iron-on letters, position them on the fabric and iron it on now.  You can also decorate the board anyway you like.

DIY Fabric Covered Bulletin Board Tutorial

That’s a picture of me at 3 months old!

That’s it! This gift is super useful! Don’t forget to make one for your own room too!

Don’t forget to show me what you make! Send me pictures, post it on FB, Hashtag #WeDIYwithOllie on Instagram, or tweet me on Twitter: @DIYwithOllie!

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