UPDATE 3.17.2020 – As of this update, all Crayola Experience locations are closed due to COVID-19. I will update this section once everything is back in operation. Sorry for the inconvenience and please stay safe!

Update 2019: Crayola Experience, Chandler, AZ is now open!! Yay! Use Ollie’s coupon code at any of the 5 Crayola Experience locations across the US! (Plano, Chandler, Easton, Orlando, and Minneapolis!) Click here to automatically apply the discount to your tickets!

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Hi everyone! I got a sneak peek visit to the brand new Crayola Experience in Plano, TX this week and it was SO AWESOME! The grand opening is today and I can’t wait to go back.  There are so many things to do, make, and lots of ways to get creative at Crayola Experience. It is also a HUGE place (60,000 square feet)!!

Check the bottom of this post to watch my video tour of Crayola Experience! I am also giving away a pair of tickets to the Crayola Experience of your choice! Check out the video description for the steps to enter the contest! There’s also a coupon for $7 off EACH ticket at the bottom of this post as well! Love y’all!


Crayola Experience is located at The Shops at Willow Bend in Plano, TX. Parking is free! Just park at the Macy’s Deck F for the easiest access. The entrance to Crayola Experience will be to the left right when you walk through the doors.

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!



Check out that crazy map! There are 22 different hands-on attractions. The Crayola Experience website says to plan 3-4 hours to play here. We spent like double that, because it was so much fun! You can see how crayons are made at the live show, name and wrap your own crayon, melt crayons into different things, and so much more! I will try and go over as much as I can below! If you’re planning to visit any of the Crayola Experience locations, make sure to check out the bottom of this post to save $7 or $8 on each ticket!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

The first attraction we went to was Modeling Madness. You can use the tokens you got with your ticket to get packets of Model Magic from the vending machines. They have a bunch of tables filled with so a bunch of different types of tools to shape and mold your clay. There are also markers to put the finishing touches onto your creation!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount! Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

After Modeling Madness, I wanted to color something. We went over to the Colossal Caddy which is a HUGE crayon table with lots a lots of crayons and coloring sheets. You can also use the table to color in your very own coloring sheet from the Be a Star area. In that area, you take a picture of yourself and you get turned into your very own coloring sheet! My brother and I’s coloring sheets are below, you can print it out and color it too! Don’t forget to show me if you do!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount! Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount! Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount! Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

Next we went over to the Melt and Mold attraction. Over here you get to pick any color crayon you want and melt it into your own shape! I chose to make a ring and my brother made a racecar. It’s so cool and you can still use it like a regular crayon to color whatever you want! Right next to Melt and Mold, there’s the Drip Art area. Over here, you get to choose 2 colors and put it into the machine one at a time. The machine melts it and drips it onto a piece of paper that’s spinning. You can use the lever to speed up or slow down the the spinning to create your awesome masterpiece. This is what we made!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount! Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

We headed over to Wrap It Up to name and wrap our own crayon! There are different stations with so many shades to pick from. You can use the tokens you got with your ticket to make these too! First you find a color you like and insert a token, next you can pick an image and name your crayon. Press print when you’re done and a label and crayon comes out. Now you can head over to the wrap station. Insert the crayon with the tip facing the right. Then peel off the label and put it sticky side up into the rectangular slot. Now all you have to do is pull the bar to wrap your crayon up! I made a bunch for all my friends and family!

My brother really wanted to go to the Color Playground, so that’s where we ended up next. The color playground is SUPER tall and so fun! There is a giant slide that goes from the very top all the way down. It’s super dark inside and it makes it so fun to slide down. There are also things to bounce on, climb on, and jump around. We went back another 2 times to play before we left Crayola Experience. The Color Playground is made for ages 5-12, but there is also a smaller playground that’s similar in the Toddler Town. There’s also a giant light up peg board in Toddler town that looked fun. I didn’t get a chance to play with it, but I definitely will next time!

Right between the Color Playground and Toddler Town is Scribble Square. The WHOLE THING is a giant chalk board!!! There’s even a car there that you can draw on. My brother kept calling it Mater. We spent a while here since I love to draw with chalk. I have a ton at home that I would decorate our driveway with, but this is so much cooler.

Next we headed to Paint Palette. They had a paint your own western vest when we visited. There are sheets of paper with different decorations for the vest. We used the watercolor and brushes on the table to paint it. They even have a dryer to dry your paintings super quick. It is so cool. I wish we had one at home since it takes forever for paint to dry. After it was dried, we cut out the shapes and glued it onto the paper bag vest. There are directions on how to make the vest on each table. I can’t wait for my next visit to see what project they will have next!

In one of the corners, there is an area called You Design. You take the sheets of paper with either cars or clothing on it and color it any way you want. Then you can go to one of the stations and scan your picture. After that, they appear right on the screen for you to see it in action!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

We ran over to Stomp & Play next. There is a giant screen on the floor where you can play different types of games. The local news channel even caught a clip of me playing on it! My brother ran to the attraction next to it called Cool Moves. You stand in front of the screen and wiggle, dance, move your arms around. The crayons on the screen will copy whatever you do! I wonder how they can make them do that!

The Adventure Lab was also super cool. It’s made for older kids so my mom had to help us solve the challenges. You get a tablet that gives you 3 random challenges inside the really cool lab room. You have to try to complete the challenge before the time runs out. There’s a bunch of different labs so you can keep going back in a bunch of times to do different things!

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!

There is a Theatre inside Crayola Experience that has a show a few times a day. The show was awesome! You get to see how crayons are made from start to finish! They have all the machines on the stage and they pour the wax into the machines right in front of you! Then they show you how the crayons are wrapped and boxed like at the real Crayola factory! On your way out, they even give you a crayon that they made that day.

We also went to Rainbow Rain, which has a giant screen. You show up on the screen and different colors pour all over your head! The Color Magic area is similar to the You Design place where you color your own character and scan it, but this one shows up on the screen in front of you where you can interact with it, change the background, and move your character around. Meltdown is where you can pick a scrap of crayon and put it into this giant pen that warms it up, then you can use the pen to draw with the melted wax.

Right before we left, we stopped by the Kaleidoscope to dance around in front of this giant screen that turns you into a cool wavy kaleidoscope image. You can even enter your email and it’ll send you the video straight to your email! I was too short, so only my head showed up on the screen.

The only places I didn’t get to visit was the Silly Selfies area, because I totally forgot about it, the Trading Post, which wasn’t open yet, and the Cafe Stage. I need to go back soon so I can update y’all on how it is!


There’s a snack stand, Cafe Crayola, and a Sweets Shop right inside Crayola Experience Plano. You can definitely spend the whole day right inside there. There is a variety of food and snacks for everyone.


They do not have lockers that you can rent to put your stuff inside, but there was a coat rack with some shelving near the entrance. I think that would be a good place to place your creations while you walk around.  You can also bring a big bag to store all the stuff you make during the day.

The restrooms are very clean. There is a nursing and diaper area for moms and a family restroom as well.

The party rooms are super cute and colorful too! They have dividers to the room bigger or smaller depending on the size of your party.

Gift Shop!!!

On the way out, there is a gift shop. Don’t forget to ask for a stamp on your way out if you plan on coming back later that day. The gift shop is amazing. There are so many colorful things all around. They have a wall of different crayon colors that you can use to make your own custom box. There is a colorful bulk candy area. Lots and lots of cool and creative gifts you can buy. My brother really wanted a crayon tin that’s in the shape of a train. It can also be used as a bank! I plan to get him one for his birthday this year.

Crayola Experience PlanoTour, Review and Discount!


Overall, Crayola Experience in Plano, TX was extremly fun! It is very different from any other places I’ve been to and one that I can’t wait to go back. I love being creative and making my own things, so this place is super perfect for me. I love how there’s different kinds of activities that changes so you have something new to do everytime you come. They also plan to have fun events during the year that I can’t wait to hear about either. This is one place you should definitely go to soon!

Tickets and $7 off Crayola Experience Coupon Code/Promo Code!

The tickets are $21.99 per person for ages 3 and up at the Plano, TX location. ($24.99 at the Orlando location, and $20.99 at the Easton, PA and Minneapolis, MN locations) Children under 3 are free. If you like to visit one of the Crayola Experience locations, use my code, DIYwithOllie, (code is case sensitive!) to get $7 off EACH ticket to the Plano, TX, location. With the code it’s only $13.99 per person! (The code also gives $7 off at the Easton and Mall of America locations-$13.99/ticket. And $8 off the Orlando, FL location-$17.99/ticket.) You can also apply the cost of your ticket to an annual pass on the way out, so if you really like the place like I do, don’t forget to stop by the ticket counter on the way out to upgrade!

To get $7 off each ticket for ANY of the Crayola locations, click here or enter the code “DIYwithOllie” (case sensitive) at http://tickets.crayolaexperience.com

Video Tour

Here is my video tour of the brand new Crayola Experience in Plano, TX! I showed y’all a few of my favorite parts from my trip! At the end of the video are directions on how to enter the giveaway to win a pair of tickets to Crayola Experience! If the winner happens to be in TX, I’ll make sure to come out and say hi too! Please subscribe to my channel and help me bring y’all more videos like this as well as DIYs and recipes! ❤️

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you enjoy going to Crayola Experience even more! Now to get back to my crafting! New DIY video will also be up soon!



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