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DIY Water Bead Air Freshener

I’m back!! I took a break from making videos because I was super busy practicing for recitals and memorizing scripts. We also got sick like a bajillion times this winter too. BUT, I’m back and ready to make more DIYs!… Continue Reading →

DIY Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree Decor

This fun DIY Yarn Wrapped Christmas Tree is so easy to make and super inexpensive too! It’s a really fun holiday decor diy to make with kids. You can make this DIY string Christmas Tree in any color you like… Continue Reading →

DIY Sparkly Snowflake Ornament

I have a craft fair coming up tomorrow and I sat for a month trying to decide what to make.  I have so many ideas, but I needed to come up with something that was quick to make for all… Continue Reading →

DIY Scented Snow Candle Holder

The last video of this series is my DIY Scented Snow Candle Holder! It looks super pretty! Mines is scented with peppermint so it smells extra good! The glow with a candle inside looks pretty awesome too. This would be… Continue Reading →

DIY Snow

This DIY Snow recipe is the best! It only requires 2 ingredients and it makes snow that feels just like the real thing! It’s fluffy, soft, and it feels cold too! You will need: a bowl measuring cup 1 box… Continue Reading →

DIY Mug Cake Recipe for Santa

This DIY Mug Cake makes a great treat for Santa this year instead of regular milk and cookies! It’s super easy and quick to make so you can do it right before you go to sleep! You can also make… Continue Reading →

DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

These DIY Salt Dough Ornaments are so cute! You can decorate it with anything you want, like glitter, markers, paint, gems, pom poms, sand, etc. Covering them with Mod Podge at the end will make them last! You can decorate… Continue Reading →

DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree

This DIY Pom Pom Christmas Tree is super inexpensive to make. It would be a really cool and furry decoration for your room! You will need: a super low temp glue gun glue sticks foam cone star ornament big green… Continue Reading →

DIY Wrapping Paper

Day 7’s DIY will be…….. DIY Wrapping Paper! It’s super easy to make and adds so much fun to your presents! You can also customize it anyway you like. Stamp with glue and add glitter, add glitter polka dots and… Continue Reading →

DIY Scented Bubble Bath Soap Dough

This DIY Bubble Bath Soap Dough is the perfect craft for the 6th day of DIYs of Christmas! We’re halfway through! You can play with it like a dough, but it’s also a soap! You can pinch off a tiny… Continue Reading →

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