diy valentines’s day gift

DIY Valentine’s Surprise Cupcakes Recipe

These DIY Valentine’s Surprise Cupcakes are so cool! The surprise is inside the cupcake! When you take a bite, a ton of pretty Valentine’s sprinkles come out! You will need: white cake mix your favorite frosting in a piping bag,… Continue Reading →

DIY Valentine Fortune Cookies

These White Chocolate Fortune Cookies are perfect for a Valentine’s gift! They’re a great alternative to the traditional chocolate dipped strawberries and they’re also super cute and fun! Make a dozen and put them in a gift box for your… Continue Reading →

DIY Cute Valentine’s Gift | Kawaii Flower Pots

This DIY Flower Pot is a super cute Valentine’s Day gift to make for your Valentine this year! You can fill it with anything you’d like to give as a gift! It’s a double-cool gift since you can really use… Continue Reading →

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