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DIY Easter Egg Garden Rocks

If you guys follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know why I had to skip Tuesday’s video last week. You’d also know I was helping my mommy plant flowers outside while we were waiting for the house to get… Continue Reading →

DIY Fuzzy Chicken Pencil Holder

This is a super cute craft that’s Easter themed, but you can use it all year long! This DIY Fuzzy Chicken Jar is perfect to hold your pencils, paint brushes, markers, or anything else that you like! It’s a quick… Continue Reading →

DIY Pot of Gold for St. Patrick’s Day

This DIY Pot of Gold is the perfect craft for St. Patrick’s Day! I used chalkboard paint to make the pot look just like a pot AND you can write anything you want on it too! You can make some… Continue Reading →

DIY Spring Tree Painting

Spring is almost here so I wanted to decorate my room with some fun spring decorations. This DIY is a really cute painting of a flowering tree. It reminds me of a blossoming peach tree or a cherry blossom tree!… Continue Reading →

DIY Rapunzel’s Flower Hair Clips

Have you guys watched Tangled yet? It’s one of my favorite movies! There’s a scene in the movie where she gets her hair braided and they put super pretty flowers in her braids. I wanted to look just like her… Continue Reading →

DIY Poppy’s Flower Headband | Trolls Movie Crafts

Trolls was an awesome movie.  My favorite characters were Poppy, Branch, and Guy Diamond.  I really loved the headband that Poppy wore i. the movie. It was so cute! My DIY for Poppy’s Flower Headband is super easy and quick… Continue Reading →

DIY Unicorn Play Dough Recipe

This DIY Unicorn Play Dough a mix of purple, pink, and blue dough with super sparkly glitter, just like a unicorn! It is super easy to make and contains only 4 ingredients! This super pretty dough is really fun to… Continue Reading →

DIY Washi Tape Valentine Cards

These DIY Washi Tape Valentine Cards looks so awesome and they look like you spent so much time making them! They’re actually very easy to make, and very quick too! Make these instead of boring store-bought cards for your friends,… Continue Reading →

DIY Fluffy Frozen Snow Slime

DIY Fluffy Snow Slime is super easy to make! This Frozen Themed Fluffy Snow Slime is even better! Learn how to make this Frozen Inspired Fluffy Slime.  It’s filled with fun confetti snowflakes, and sparkly glitter! The slime is super… Continue Reading →

DIY Play Food Cake Slices

These DIY Cake Slices look so real and yummy! You can use different colored sponges and felt to make different “flavors” of cake! I made a strawberry cake with sprinkles and a cherry on top, an orange cake with yummy… Continue Reading →

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