I’m back!! I took a break from making videos because I was super busy practicing for recitals and memorizing scripts. We also got sick like a bajillion times this winter too. BUT, I’m back and ready to make more DIYs! I also have a new type of video coming soon, but I’ll keep it as a surprise for now.

So for my first DIY of 2019, I wanted to make something to brighten up the home. My parents bought these “water bead” air fresheners or diffusers last year and I came up with a way to make it at home for A LOT cheaper. The best thing about making your own DIY Water Bead Air Freshener is that you can make it any scent you want. You can even come up with your own scent by mixing the oils together. I love mixing citrus scents like orange and lemon together. It smells so bright and cheery!

Okay, let’s get started!

You will need:

Step 1:
Put the water beads into a big bowl. Then add LOTS of water. Let it sit for 6-10 hours until they are nice and big. The longer it sits, the bigger they will get.

Step 2:
After 6-10 hours, they will look like this! Isn’t it SO pretty? The water beads are super fun to play with on their own. 

Step 3:
Now get a big bowl and pick out your scented oil. You can even pick more than one to make your very own scent! For this one, I chose gingerbread.

Step 4:
Add the oils until it is super scented. Since it’s an air freshener, the scent should be extra strong so that it can fill the room with freshness! Be sure to mix the beads well so that the oil covers every single water bead.

Step 5:
Choose your container and fill it up with the scented beads! You can re-use containers made specifically for water bead air fresheners. You can also use pretty jar or vases. If you’re making them as gifts, use a container with an airtight lid so that it stays nice and scented until you give it to them. Another idea is to re-use empty bubble tea light bulbs or travel jars. They make super cute DIY water bead air fresheners too!

That’s it! You’re done! It smells SO good in here right now. I wish you could smell all the DIY water bead air fresheners that I made!

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