Unicorns are so cool and pretty! I wanted to sparkle like a unicorn so I made this DIY Unicorn Glitter Hair Spray to spray it all over my hair! It’s very easy to make and you can customize it anyway you want.  You can use a spray bottle for all over glitter, or you can paint it on with a paint brush wherever you’d like! Make sure to buy extra fine glitter so it won’t get stuck in the spray bottle.  You might need to shop around for a bottle that will work too.  It took me a while to find a good bottle that doesn’t get clogged up. You can still make it without a spray bottle and use the paintbrush method to put it on!

DIY Hair Glitter Tutorial

You will need:

  • pink, blue, white extra fine glitter
  • purple shimmer
  • a spray bottle
  • hairspray that comes in a pump bottle (so you can open and pour it out)
  • a small funnel
    • I just used the top of a squeeze bottle and cut the tip bigger

Step 1:
Pour a little bit of glitter and shimmer in each bottle.

Step 2:
Fill it up with hair spray and shake it up!


That’s it! You’re done! Isn’t it so shimmery and sparkly??

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