Spring is almost here! Let’s start by making some pretty spring decorations to brighten up your room and welcome the upcoming season! This DIY Spring-themed Photo Display is perfect for all the spring pictures you’re going to take soon. You can hang instax pictures, polaroid pictures, regular pictures, cards, and crafts on this DIY Hanging Picture Gallery. You can fill up an entire wall with this beautiful hanging picture garland!

You will need:

  • mini clothespins
  • a pretty garland
  • small spring decorations like butterflies, bees, bugs
  • 1 bundle of small fake flowers
  • a glue gun

Step 1:
First, attach the clothespins to your garland every few inches. Space them out as evenly as you can so it looks neat. Depending on the type of clothespins you use, you can either attach it behind the spring like I did, or glue the garland to the back of the clothespin.


Step 2:
Now, take all the flowers off of your bundle and set them in a pile.


Step 3:
Glue the decorations to the front of the clothespin making sure not to glue on top of the metal parts. Alternate between a few types of bugs/butterflies and the different color of flowers.


That’s it! You’re done! Isn’t it so pretty? Just use a thumbtack to hang the garland onto your wall. Have fun adding new pictures to your DIY Hanging Photo Gallery this spring.

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