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Have you ever ran into a cool tutorial that required powdered tempera paint but do not have any on hand? Then you go to look for it and you can’t find it anywhere and it costs and arm and a leg to buy it online?  Well, Ollie is going to show us an easy alternative.  You can substitute it in most tutorials that require tempera paint powder.  You can also mix it with water to make paint.  It is awesome as a sidewalk chalk paint! What should you make first? Why don’t you try out this awesome DIY Pumpkin Pie Scented Cloud Dough?  It’s a fun sensory activity for all ages!

DIY Powdered Tempera Paint Materials

You will need:

  • a box of sidewalk chalk
    • Ollie got a set of 5 colors from Dollar Tree
  • a hammer/mallet
  • ziplock bags
  • a container to put each color in
    • Ollie used some small mason jars that we had on hand.


DIY Powdered Tempera Paint 1

Step 1:
Separate the chalk into groups by color and place each color in it’s own bag.

DIY Powdered Tempera Paint 2

Step 2:
Then smash it until it becomes a fine powder.  (This is really fun to relieve stress or get rid of some toddler energy.)

Pour it into separate containers and you’re done!

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