I finally got a chance to go see Moana recently and I LOVE the movie! It was awesome.  I saw this headband and wanted to have one so bad that I went home and decided to figure out how to make one!  Do you like it?

You will need:


Step 1:
Pull the pink flowers off and put them in a pile for later.

Step 2:
Cut out lots and lots of leaves in the shape above.  You can make your leaves any length you want.  For mines, I cut the felt into thirds (like the pink line above), then into thirds again (like the blue line above), and finally I stack 3 pieces together and cut out the leaf shape.  It doesn’t have to be exact since real leaves are all different sizes!

Step 3:
Once you have all the leaves cut, put glue on the bottom corner and pinch the bottom together to make the leaves more 3D. Do these to all your leaves.

Step 4:
Now just glue the leaves onto the cardboard circle! Randomly put them on so there’s different colors everywhere!

Step 5:
Once all the leaves are on, glue on the pink flowers a few inches apart all the way around the headband!

That’s it! You’re done! Isn’t it so pretty??

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