Did you guys watch the new Beauty and the Beast yet? I’m planning to go sometime this week, maybe even today! (I hope.) I’ve been watching the original one though and decided to make a tiny version of the Enchanted Rose Dome so I can wear it as a necklace!

You will need:

  • tiny piece of green floral wire
    • If you’re young, have an adult cut a tiny piece of it off for you.
  • rose necklace
    • I found a strand of rose beads at JoAnn and had my mom put a necklace clasp on it for me. Take one of the beads off first.
  • tiny dome
    • We found these at JoAnn too, they were near the scrapbooking section.
  • ultra low temp glue gun
    • or any temp if you’re not my age! (haha)

Step 1:
(If you haven’t yet.) Cut a small piece of floral wire and take one of the rose beads off of the necklace. Curve the wire a little bit.

Step 2:
Put a big drop of glue on the bottom of the rose and stick the wire into the glue, hold it there for a few seconds until it’s hard.

Step 3:
Put another drop of glue on the bottom of the dome and stick the rose into the glue, hold it there for a few more seconds.

Step 4:
Put glue around the bottom edge of the dome and put it over your rose to keep it in place.

Step 5:
Attach the rose dome to your necklace. If you don’t know how, ask an adult for this part.

Beauty and the Beast Craft Tutorials Beauty and the Beast Craft Tutorials

That’s it! You’re done! Isn’t it so pretty?

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