DIY with Ollie - Mummy Jar

It’s a Mummy Jar! This is a super and inexpensive craft to make! Use all the different size and shaped jars and cups that you find around the house and make a whole Mummy family! I made a mommy mummy and a baby mummy! They’re so cute!

DIY with Ollie - Crafts for Kids


You will need:

  • a jar or cup
    • Jar ideas: pasta jars, baby food jars, mason jars, candle jars, cups, vitamin containers, etc)
  • gauze cut into small strips (a box at Dollar tree makes around 2-3 jars!)
  • glue
  • a paint brush
  • googly eyes


DIY with Ollie - Crafts for Kids

Step 1:
Cover the entire jar with a super thick layer of glue!

DIY with Ollie - Crafts for Kids

Step 2:
Wrap the strips of gauze around the jar until it’s full covered.  Press down well each time.  You might need to add some extra glue to the ends of the gauze on the last few wraps to make sure they stick!

DIY with Ollie - Crafts for Kids

Step 3:
Glue on some googly eyes!

DIY with Ollie - Crafts for Kids

These glow super bright if you put them near a blacklight.  It looks super cool.  Make a lot of them and fill your room up!

Don’t forget to show me what you came up with! Email me, post it up on Facebook, or use the hashtag #wediywithollie on Instagram!

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